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Essay: Law and Common Good

Sample Essay In modern language, communities realize that law and common good are concepts related to one another. Lawmakers are cautious not to enact laws that contradict human good[1]. This topic poses a serious moral dilemma; in fact, it covers the whole social system structure characterized by politics, religion, culture and social settings at all levels. In this regard, the end of a given social system is good which eventually translates to what many refer to as the common good. Common good promotes the well-being of the human person and the entire community. (more…)

Essay: Laws Determine Rights and Duties

Sample Essay From our study we can see that laws determine rights and duties. A claim to demand justice is viewed in many perspectives, for instance, in a natural perspective or in a legal perceptive or in a religious perspective. Majority of people do not succeed in fighting for their rights simply because they do not know the law. Citizens should make it their initiative to read their laws if they are to succeed in ensuring that their rights are adequately realized. Lawmakers should pay special attention to common good while making laws. (more…)

Essay: Law as a Rule of Conduct

Sample Essay St. Thomas Aquinas states that "Law is an ordinance of reason for the common good, decreed by the authorities in charge of the community”[1]. It becomes a rule of conduct and a frame within which man acts. From the above definition it can be noted that other issues like justice, rights and duties derive from the enacted laws. Law is never a univocal term this being the reason why its uses vary from one face to the next. (more…)

Essay: Maintaining law and order among crowd

Sample Essay This approach by the police to the crowds as illustrated in the above example creates harmony in how both camps perceive each other. The crowds will proudly identify themselves with the police and by the way, making it easy for the police in their task. The crowds will actually dissuade the rest of the group to maintain law and order. They will not let their colleagues carry out criminal activities as they will denounce them out rightly. (more…)

Essay: Restorative Justice—Antisocial Behaviors

Sample Essay It is defined as rehabilitation approach that deals with offence, whereby parties involved come together with objective of resolving the conflicts between the parties. Despite the description that victims and offenders come together in presence of mediators, victims are not necessarily involved in the process. Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act in UK introduced Referral orders to young people aged between 10 and 17 who were first time convicted, where restorative justice process took place by referring youths to specialized panel. The Youth Justice Board formed restorative justice schemes known as Family Group Conferencing in favor of youths. (more…)

Essay: Labor laws in Nigeria

Sample Essay Labor laws in Nigeria are contained in the Bureau of International labor laws which stipulate the relationship between the employee and the employer. The conditions that dictate the manner in which the two parties relate are explained to ensure that no controversy exist between the parties concerned (Jahn 2006, pp.237-240). The English Common Law mainly defines the manner in which business operations are carried out. (more…)

Essay: Reaction to Technological Change

Sample Essay Since its setting up, copyright law has reacted to technological change. At present, the changes that are take hold of all the publicity related to digital technology and digital communications networks, such as the Internet and personal computers (Lindsey 25). However, these technologies, comparable to many other innovations, are both capable and potentially detrimental to various factions interested in the use and manipulation of works of authorship, from books and music to films and web pages (Marybeth 38). (more…)

Essay: Social Integration-Anti Doping Laws

Sample Essay Social integration is achieved when partnerships are developed between Member State, law enforcement agencies, accredited laboratories by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and INTERPOL to exchange information about new doping strategies for a secure environment. The EU support for such efforts through training courses and networking between training centers for law enforcement officers bring individuals from different state together. (more…)

Essay: Sporting Rules in Europe

Sample Essay The commission was entitled to follow up initiatives of anti-doping policies presented. European sport is characterized by a multitude of complex and diverse structures which enjoy different types of legal status and levels of autonomy in Member States. Their sporting rules are well developed. However, the political declaration had no importance in binding force of Community law. European Court of Auditors required a clear legal basis in Community law, the situation dint offer a satisfactory basis for the Commission to pursue a corresponding active sport policy (Commission of the European Communities, 2007). (more…)