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Essay: The scientific theory of management

Sample Essay According to the scientific theory of management, leaders always need to constantly upgrade their skills and to change with their changing environment in order to ensure that proper planning and guidance is enhanced in the success of a given organization. In some cultural backgrounds, it is even an unthinkable for the women folk to carry out certain tasks that are perceived to be preserved for the men (Bickel, 2004; Pollit, 2005, pp.36-39). (more…)

Essay: The recent protest in Egypt

Sample Essay Recent protest in Egypt has seen many corresponding features with old philosophical theories that try to explain human behavior in a sociological perspective. Some of the most applicable discussions came from the Weber’s definition of sociology, Weber's 'Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and the Durkheim's 'Pragmatism & the question of truth. Close analysis of these protests clearly brings out several theoretical explanations that these sociologists brought forward. Causative agents that lead this Arab nation to ouster its president and demand another form of governance will be related to what these great philosophers asserted. (more…)

Essay: The relationship between symbolic play and language

Sample Essay Fein (1981) documented well the research on the relationship between dramatic play and language in early childhood. Pelligrini (1985 p.108) defines dramatic play as the behaviors that children use to transform the identities of actions, people and objects. Play has been linked to the increase in children’s vocabulary (Levy, Wolfgang & Koorland 1992) and in short story comprehension. It also facilitates decontextualized language use since the children assign a name to more than one action, person or object. (more…)

Essay: The Organizational Structure at district level

Sample Essay At the district level health authority is similar to that of regional level but vary only with the scale of being a district. The District Chairmen appointed on a part-time and non-executive basis who in turn appoints more or less than five (5) full-time District Executive that will have an overall responsibility for performance overseeing to achieve the objectives of the district Authority. District chairmen reorganizes redefine the roles of functional managers; ensure that the primary reporting relationship of functional managers is to the Region Executive who makes final decision and management structure of the Authority. (more…)

Essay: The Notion of Morality

Sample Essay It is essential to understand the moral theories mentioned above and their influence on morality. This is because these moral theories become the windows through which human actions are regarded as right or wrong. Note that morality is about human acts as animals cannot be held accountable as far as morality is concerned. This means an animal, say a lion, after feeding on an entire prey without considering the rest of the lions cannot be said to act good or bad. This act, therefore, is amoral since it is neither good nor bad in moral judgments. The point here is that morality revolves only in the world of humans. Therefore, moral theories become the framework through which morality is evaluated and determined. (more…)

Essay: The need for more female prisons

Sample Essay Regarding correctional facilities, Bryant and Vorderer (2006: 37) propose that more female prisons need to be build and distributed accordingly within the UK. This is because of the fact that the rate of female offenders has increased significantly in the recent past. This would be instrumental in avoiding incidences of rape and sexual abuse that are related to mixing of female and male prisoners. Then, the prisons need to be equipped with sufficient sanitary facilities (Stanely & Wise, 1993). In addition, they should be led by female officials who understand the needs of women. Prison officers in this also need to be female to avoid incidences of sexual harassment of female prisoners. (more…)

Essay: The nature of sociological theorizing

Sample Essay Sociological theories of criminology explain crime causation in terms of the social environment that family, school, community, workplace, peer group, and society. There are three major sociological theories of crime and delinquency which are strain, social learning, and control theories that offer explanation to crime activities and criminals from a sociological perspective. The nature of sociological theorizing tends to focus on the features of the social environment that causes crime and criminals. (more…)

Essay: The major US military operations in the pacific theatre

Sample Essay The pacific theater of operation experienced many battles in the pacific region during the Second World War. This theater was used by the US to initiate its major attacks around the pacific region Japan included. The theater experienced a number of battles, which included the famous Iwo Jima and Okinawa in February 19 1945 and April 1 1945 respectively (Basil, 118). Other battles that took place within this period include battles of Kwajalein, and Eniwetok (Gilbert and Marshall islands). The battle of Okinawa was given a code name of operation iceberg and it took place in Ryukyu Islands. It is one of the most amphibious battles t and lasted for 82 days. (more…)