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Essay: Legislative Process in making Amendments

Sample Essay Today, it is impressive to witness the vast legislative processes in making amendments to laws that are not proper and practical. This is the rationale for democracy and deliberations in the legislative order. Again, was it not for democracy there would be no electro processes and change of governments. This is because people would be subjected to one-rule which they must adhere to in seucula saeculorum. In deed, social contract could imply dictatorship. This is well illustrated in the doctrine of Leviathan as stated by Thomas Hobbes. (more…)

Essay: Necessity of Justice in every Political System

Sample Essay In every political system, justice is a very essential virtue that every would-be leader ought to possess. Exaltation of justice as the highest virtue is in consideration of Platonic theory where virtues of temperance, courage and wisdom culminate. Whenever a government or a human person acts within the frame of the abovementioned virtues, human flourishing suffices. Common good is not limited to materiality. This means that common good implies more than just tangible things. Giving food to a hungry person is promotion of common good. (more…)

Essay: Neoconservatism and Foreign Policy Success in the US

Sample Essay This foreign policy success has foundation in the wealthy Jews who funded the war and pushed for advocating for their interests. The move always never really aimed at war on terror, but disorganizing the syndicate of Arabs or Muslim building up militia groups that threatens to take over due to their unity. Therefore, the left group saw it necessary to employing offensive strategy and not what the public mistakenly perceive as oil issue. (more…)

Essay: The recent protest in Egypt

Sample Essay Recent protest in Egypt has seen many corresponding features with old philosophical theories that try to explain human behavior in a sociological perspective. Some of the most applicable discussions came from the Weber’s definition of sociology, Weber's 'Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and the Durkheim's 'Pragmatism & the question of truth. Close analysis of these protests clearly brings out several theoretical explanations that these sociologists brought forward. Causative agents that lead this Arab nation to ouster its president and demand another form of governance will be related to what these great philosophers asserted. (more…)

Essay: The major US military operations in the pacific theatre

Sample Essay The pacific theater of operation experienced many battles in the pacific region during the Second World War. This theater was used by the US to initiate its major attacks around the pacific region Japan included. The theater experienced a number of battles, which included the famous Iwo Jima and Okinawa in February 19 1945 and April 1 1945 respectively (Basil, 118). Other battles that took place within this period include battles of Kwajalein, and Eniwetok (Gilbert and Marshall islands). The battle of Okinawa was given a code name of operation iceberg and it took place in Ryukyu Islands. It is one of the most amphibious battles t and lasted for 82 days. (more…)

Essay: The Green Movement

Sample Essay Frederick (1995) holds that the green movement is a movement where you not only do well for the planet for the sake of humans but also for the sake of the planet itself. That’s to say that you start from the whole of the globe and talk about the ecosystems, trying to keep them healthy as a value in itself. (more…)

Essay: The war of 1812-political reasons of war declaration

Sample Essay Despite political reason on war declaration on Great Britain, the United States of America was fed up with British impressments . Great Britain reverted to a policy of boarding Americans ship to retrieve the former sailors of Britain who had deserted the Royal Navy to look for a better pay and life to United States of America. As a result of this hunt for sailors, British seized 11,000 sailors by mid 1805. (more…)