Essay: Necessity of Justice in every Political System

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Necessity of Justice in every Political System

In every political system, justice is a very essential virtue that every would-be leader ought to possess. Exaltation of justice as the highest virtue is in consideration of Platonic theory where virtues of temperance, courage, and wisdom culminate.

Whenever a government or a human person acts within the frame of the abovementioned virtues, human flourishing suffices. The common good is not limited to materiality. This means that the common good implies more than just tangible things. Giving food to a hungry person is the promotion of the common good.

An act by the United Nations to promote peace in warring nations is the promotion of the common good. A move by the US government to withdraw troops from the Guantanamo Bayor withdrawing troops from Iraq or Afghanistan is a promotion of the common good and last but not least, the fighting against nuclear weapons is a promotion of the common good. To reiterate, common good is beyond material things as many think.

Justice will help and protect those who have been harmed. Failure to do justice will set the tone for real immunity. For me, it is about punishment and revenge for violating the rules. It is about restoration and a decent world for others.

It must treat LGBTQIA persons with dignity for a culture to be considered “just.” It will make it impossible for individuals to find jobs, to live in harmony, to marry who they want, and more. A significant characteristic of social justice is that it is possible for individuals of any colour to live well and have equal opportunity.

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