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Essay: New forms of Book Libraries

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New forms of Book Libraries

The new dimensions of which books have continued to take have resulted in better and more flexible forms of exchanging and storage of books. New libraries used to store books and books related materials ensure that only relevant information that regards books is provided. This is crucial as it ensures that the needs of readers and other stakeholders are fully catered for. In order to ensure that books remain relevant in the information sector, new library services provide both printed and digitized books. The flexibility provided by the new libraries ensures that the users are given a wide variety of offers that suits their diverse needs. (more…)

Essay: Students’ nonattendance

Sample Essay Students’ nonattendance is a problem that extends much further than the school. It affects the student, the family, and the community. Truancy has been labeled one of the top 10 major problems in this country's schools, negatively affecting the future of our youth (Epsten, et al 2002, 28(7), 7-15.). In fact, absentee rates have reached as high as 30% in some cities. The statistics speak for themselves. According to the literature, about 2,775 primary pupils and 4,624 secondary students played a part in truant behavior at some point in the county last year (Morgan, 2003). (more…)

Essay: Truancy is the first sign of trouble

Sample Essay In many neighborhoods across the United States, truancy is a significant concern. Compulsory schooling is governed by state legislation in every state. Noncompliance has consequences for the truant student's parent(s) or guardian(s). The majority of states mandate children to attend kindergarten until they are at least 16 years old. (more…)

Essay: Education in South Africa

Sample Essay From the start of the apartheid movement, the intent of the white minority was to rule over the colored people. Some of the earliest things that were done to ensure that white supremacy was that the schools of the whites were separated. The curriculum of the white schools was a superior one which gave the whites more opportunities for their future. (more…)

Essay: The Issue of Global Warming

For a long time now, there has been a global campaign to help control the issue of global warming. This concern has been as a result of the increased rates of global warming and the effect that this is having on the environment. One of the major causes of global warming is the emission of carbon into the air. (more…)

Essay: Declaration of Independence in 1776

From the movie The Crossing, it is evident that even after the declaration of independence in 1776, America had not really redeemed itself from the jaws of colonialism. The presence of the British was still visibly present and domineering. After the American Revolution, a war that saw America gain independence from Britain, the colonial power retained most of its military power and enjoyed support from Germany, one of its allies (Johanson). (more…)

Essay: Story by a Chinese Student

I belong to a country with the largest population in the world!Chinais not only populated but it’s huge and of course the most beautiful place in this whole wide world. I was born in Chang Chun and went to college inSanta Barbara. This was the most grueling change of my life! My Story, in my own words My family is settled inChinaand we are a very close knitted family. (more…)

Essay: Relation of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquakes and volcanoes are closely related to each other. Explosive volcanoes can easily result into the development of an earthquake. Volcanoes which produce acidic lava are the most common in causing earthquakes (Booth, 2011). When it comes in contact with air, acidic lava cools off very quickly. This causes a blockage in the volcanic vent. As a result, there is no escape of pressure.  The build up of pressure reaches its limit and explodes through the weakest part of the volcano. The resultant explosion can result into an earthquake of a very huge magnitude. (more…)