Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of quality and security of both the customer and the company, there are policies developed and implemented so that there is no violation of rights of the customer and the company. It is therefore recommended to the customer to read and agree to the following terms and conditions before placing the order.

Communication Policy

The means of communication in our company is web-based. Our services are available 24/7/365 to provide help and assistance to students no matter where they are around the world. Customers are requested to read important guidelines below to avoid any problems while placing an order with us. For some unforeseen reason the support staff is not online you can always send an email and we will respond within 4 – 6 hours.
  1. Customers are requested to provide a correct email address in the order form in order to make communication possible between them and the company.
  2. Customers should provide necessary instructions for the writer when filling the order form. They should be clear about specifications and provide everything considered essential for the writer to incorporate in the essay as per the requirements of the instructor.
  3. The customer shall add the company email id to contact list so that the sent mail does not go to junk/spam mail folder. If the correspondence of order /complete order the company shall not be held responsible for the delay.
  4. The customers shall select the education level carefully while filling the order form.
The prices vary and the selection of writer is made accordingly. For a high school paper, charges will be different than a Master’s level paper and the selection of writer will be made accordingly. The company shall not be held liable in case of wrong selection of education level from the customers’ end when filling the order form. The company shall not be liable to make any amendments in the paper in such a scenario. Therefore, it is advised to the customers to carefully select the academic level in order to avoid any problems related to revision and writer selection.

Delivery Policy

All the orders shall be delivered to the email address provided by the customer. Through the online web-based system, the customer and writer can interact anytime they want. However, the company shall not be liable if:
  1. The customer does not receive the delivery due to technical issues with the internet services at the customer’s end.
  2. The customer provides an incorrect email address
  3. The customer does not have internet access and the deadline for the paper submission is crossed because of that.
To ensure that we have the correct email address of the customer, we have a system of reference number emailed to the customer and confirmation email is sent to the customer after the order has been placed.

Plagiarism Policy

It is our duty to provide customers with non-plagiarized and 100% original papers. In order to ensure that, we have an evaluation team that monitors all the papers after they have been written by the writers before being delivered to the customer. The editors ensure that the writers read the instructions provided by the customers clearly and conduct proper research to write the paper. In addition to that, all the papers are written from scratch. However, if in case customers have any complaints regarding plagiarism, support is available round the clock to discuss and solve the issues faced by customers. We do not run reports, essays to plagiarism check software as once it is tested it becomes the license holder’s property. We suggest if in any case, you detect plagiarism please send back and we will rectify the unintentional mistakes; as such errors are human-based and can be corrected.

Revision Policy

We believe in providing complete academic solutions to our customers. For that purpose, we have devised a fair revision policy for the customers. Please note that the timeframe for revisions of papers is 3 weeks from the date of order delivery. Within this time period, customers can have as many revisions until they are satisfied without any extra charges. Provided the initial instructions do not vary. In this timeframe, all the revisions will be done free of cost. However, if in case, the customer applies for a revision after 3 weeks from the date the paper was delivered, there would be an amount charged for the service according to the paper. As per company policy, if the customer does ask for a revision within three weeks of the paper delivery, it is assumed that he/she is satisfied with the paper.

The time required by the company for a revision is given below:

Delivery time Revision time

  1. More than seven (7) days 82 – 100 hours
  2. More than five (5) days 48-56 hours
  3. More than three (3) days 24-30 hours
  4. Within 24-48 hours 12-18 hours
  5. Within 24 hours 10-12 hours
The above mentioned time is subject to change depending upon the nature of paper revision or availability of writer. The customer is free to contact customer support for discussion and revisions shall be made with mutual consensus for the best of the customer. Note: The revision shall be made to the original paper delivered to the customer. If the customer has made alterations in the paper and then applies for revision other than one delivered by the company, it is not entitled to free revisions.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

When the customer places an order it is assumed that he/she has read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the company. As per the company’s payment policy, it is clearly mentioned that once an order has been placed and paid, the amount shall become nonrefundable. The customer shall consider the following if in case he/she wants to cancel the order or claim refund. In order to cancel the paper, the customer shall contact the company within four (4) hours of the time of placing the order. After this time period, the whole amount shall become non-refundable.

However, customers are entitled for a refund if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. If the writer has not followed the instructions in the entire paper given by the customer If the writer fails to attempt the paper at all and company fails to deliver on time/extension request.
  2. If in case the customer cancels the order after four (4) hours of the order placement he/she is entitled to a 50% refund of the total amount, the remaining amount shall be taken as service charges.
  3. If the customer has any complaints of plagiarism in the paper, the customer shall provide valid evidence to the matter.
The customer services are available to customers 24/7 and they can contact the company to resolve any queries and issues. In cases related to refund customers are privileged to discuss it with the company management. Matters shall be decided and resolved with mutual discussion. The customer is entitled to a refund if he/she falls under the refund policy given above within three days (72 hours) of the delivery of the order. Therefore, it is highly recommended to the customers to read the paper thoroughly as soon as it is delivered.

Policy Regarding Grades

We do not guarantee grades provided that:

  1. If the customer does not carefully review completed order before submitting it to the teacher. The company will not be responsible for the grades if the customer submits his completed order without properly reviewing it.
  2. If the class instructor insists that the writing style of the customer does not match with his/her writing style. Therefore, it is advised to all the customers to be completely satisfied with the quality of the completed order before submitting it. If a customer finds any loopholes in the completed order he/she is supposed to contact us.
  3. If the customer does not provide us with complete instructions about the requirements of the paper. It is advised to all the customers to provide us with original instructions provided by the teacher. The company will not be responsible for grades if a customer fails to provide original and complete instructions about the requirements of the paper
It is advised to all the customers to carefully review the entire paper once it is delivered by the company. If a customer is not satisfied he is supposed to contact us before submitting it to the class instructor. The company will not be responsible for any negative outcome if a customer submits his/her paper to the teacher without reviewing it.