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Essay: Neoclassical school of economics

Sample Essay This school of Economics had several stages with quite significant characteristics; the main steady factor being that it has all through held a influential, unique and distinct position in the kingdom of economics ever since. At present, under the umbrella of Chicagoschool, several other schools of Economics have been discussed for example: the Monetarism in 1960s, New Classical in 1970s, and recently, New-Economic History, Law and Economics and New Institutionalism. (more…)

Essay: Nigeria’s taxation system

Sample Essay The lack of equality in the application of the taxing system has been a great problem in the country’s taxation system. In some cases, Nigeria’s hotel industry seems to face some controversy in the manner in which taxation is done. The lack of transparency in Nigeria’s taxation system continuous to illicit mixed reactions on the general outcome of the industry performances. Foreign investors have also been greatly been discouraged by the high lack of transparency in the country, and in the hotel industry in particular. (more…)

Essay: Northampton Insurance Company (NIC)

Sample Essay

Human Resources (HR) Strategy

Introduction InUKfinancial service sector market, Northampton Insurance Company (NIC) is one of the largest financial services company. This is much evident on the premise of the 7 million customers locally, asset base of £34 billion with average employees of a bout 12,000. In addition to that, in the financial year that ended 2007 NIC had income £ 4.17 billion. However this seen success story seem to be in danger, since the firm has some foreseen difficulties that are deeply rooted in the Human Resources management practices. (more…)

Essay: Orientation among Economic Actors

Sample Essay It is argued that the political actors, most concerned in the control of a given industry are the companies in the same industry. A case study, in this regard, is at Texas where oil and natural gas sector is believed to be the single party most concerned with the forms of regulations that the Texas Railroad Commission promulgates and the Texas Farm Bureau is the most interested party as far the state agricultural policy is concerned. (more…)

Essay: The scientific theory of management

Sample Essay According to the scientific theory of management, leaders always need to constantly upgrade their skills and to change with their changing environment in order to ensure that proper planning and guidance is enhanced in the success of a given organization. In some cultural backgrounds, it is even an unthinkable for the women folk to carry out certain tasks that are perceived to be preserved for the men (Bickel, 2004; Pollit, 2005, pp.36-39). (more…)

Essay: The Organizational Structure at district level

Sample Essay At the district level health authority is similar to that of regional level but vary only with the scale of being a district. The District Chairmen appointed on a part-time and non-executive basis who in turn appoints more or less than five (5) full-time District Executive that will have an overall responsibility for performance overseeing to achieve the objectives of the district Authority. District chairmen reorganizes redefine the roles of functional managers; ensure that the primary reporting relationship of functional managers is to the Region Executive who makes final decision and management structure of the Authority. (more…)

Essay: The global financial crisis

Sample Essay Since the year 2007, the world has experienced a major setback in the economy as a whole. This condition is commonly referred to as the Global Financial Crisis. This effect emanated because of liquidity shortfall in the banking system of the United States. This has lead to closure of many businesses around the world including big multinational like the American insurance group (AIG). This down turn of economic events have fully been transmitted to the common citizens in almost all nations across the globe. As a result, consumer wealth have dropped making the standards of living poor with many countries have opting to borrowing from big financial institution such as the world bank to supplement their budgets. The overall impact is the changes in the way we spend available money however scarce it may be. (more…)