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Assignment on Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma can take various forms such as physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect. This particular factor is responsible for adverse health consequences in adults more than any other factor considered individually. Read the Assignment on Childhood Trauma further for more details.

Essay: The Cohabitation Revolution in the United States

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The Cohabitation Revolution in the United States

Cohabitation is increasingly becoming the norm in today’s relationships. It is a phenomenon where partners live together and do everything together without a prior marriage arrangement (Manning & Smock, 2009). This phenomenon is what Manning and Smock (2009) refer to as the cohabitation revolution. It is increasingly converting what was a rare lifestyle into a typical experience in the lives of many people. Many couples who marry today already know what to deal with, and what their partner is going to be like that.  Well, long before they step down the aisle together. Cohabitation, not dating, is the most traditional way towards marriage. (more…)

Essay: The relationship between symbolic play and language

Sample Essay Fein (1981) documented well the research on the relationship between dramatic play and language in early childhood. Pelligrini (1985 p.108) defines dramatic play as the behaviors that children use to transform the identities of actions, people and objects. Play has been linked to the increase in children’s vocabulary (Levy, Wolfgang & Koorland 1992) and in short story comprehension. It also facilitates decontextualized language use since the children assign a name to more than one action, person or object. (more…)

Essay: The nature of sociological theorizing

Sample Essay Sociological theories of criminology explain crime causation in terms of the social environment that family, school, community, workplace, peer group, and society. There are three major sociological theories of crime and delinquency which are strain, social learning, and control theories that offer explanation to crime activities and criminals from a sociological perspective. The nature of sociological theorizing tends to focus on the features of the social environment that causes crime and criminals. (more…)

Essay: The purpose of the social initiative

Sample Essay The indicated purpose of the social initiative was to develop a defined social construct with a cohesive outcome based on the comprehensive contribution of each individual within the culture of the decision makers and policy developers.   The established, counterproductive culture of the social initiative contrasting “irrational” processes” and its established, counterproductive culture,  consequentially elicited a “group think” precept that depended on the contribution of each participant’s individual’s culture. This “group think” precept called for a necessary cultural collaboration of individual contributions and perspectives, to guide and develop a finalized remedy for the “irrational” process.  This remedy was necessary to adhere to the overall purpose of constructing a social initiative despite contrasting conflicts. (more…)

Essay: The extent of domestic violence

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The extent of domestic violence is a far more pervasive experience for women victims than it may be indicated by police statistics. However, efforts that are needed to estimate its actual occurrence and prevalence is hampered by methodological challenges and reluctance of women, men or children to disclose or/and report abuse due to loyalty, embarrassment or fear. In UK there is no dedicated national survey dealing with collecting, recording, analyzing and disseminating of statistics related to domestic violence and violence against women.


Essay: The Importance of Cultural Awareness

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Cultural awareness significance derives its usefulness in the various cross-cultural researches that have made it possible for abandonment of the culturally insensitive attitudes and behaviors resulting from misguided belief or ignorance in the international HRM field. According to Sparrow (2004), states that culturally insensitive behaviors and attitudes originating from human resources managers ignorance or misguided beliefs such as "what works at home will work here" or "my way is best," (Stacey 1996; Mabey 1999) are not only inappropriate for human resources persons in the international scene but also attributed for the failure of international business. (more…)

Essay: The Indian family structure

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Early Thai society was divided into two classes namely; upper and lower strata which were hierarchically structured on social-economic factors. Men were formal heads of the household while women had the responsibility of controlling household activities to a certain level. Women were the key roles in obtaining and regulating the household. Women dint hold significant positions and leading roles. From a conceptual perspective, women are not powerful and influential as men (Pongsapich, 1990). In modern Thai, individuals prefer living with parents who have most resources in an extended or shared household. The divorce rate is very low in Thai, family structure was ideal for the upbringing of children since both parents were present. (more…)