Essay: The Importance of Cultural Awareness

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The importance of cultural awareness derives its usefulness in the various cross-cultural researches that have made it possible to the abandonment of the culturally insensitive attitudes and behaviors resulting from misguided beliefs or ignorance in the international HRM field. Sparrow (2004), states that culturally insensitive behaviors and attitudes originating from human resources managers’ ignorance or misguided beliefs such as “what works at home will work here” or “my way is best,” (Stacey 1996; Mabey 1999) are not only inappropriate for human resources persons in the international scene but also attributed for the failure of international business. Therefore, international HRM awareness of the cross-cultural is essential both at corporate headquarters and in the host location. This implies that the international human resources manager shall formulate and implement activities such as hiring, promoting, rewarding, and dismissal based on the value system peculiar to the host country’s culture and not in accordance with the home country (Barsoux and Schneider 2003).

Importance of Cultural Awareness

The awareness should also inform the appointments in a multinational dimension in such a way that an organization can have an expatriate general manager from the home country, but should appoint the HR department manager as a local. The justification is that this local person is familiar with the host country’s HR practices and by doing so conflicts are avoided. Acceptance, understanding, and comprehension of other cultures are all aspects of cultural sensitivity. It helps employees and guests to communicate and travel through a different community. As a result, it will become easier to see life through the eyes of someone from a different world. Cultural competence, on the other hand, refers to the capacity to communicate efficiently with people from different backgrounds. Interacting successfully means that individuals of all backgrounds get their needs fulfilled. It is all about taking steps and expressing a desire to improve interpersonal awareness and to be accessible to and inclusive of different cultural viewpoints.
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