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Essay: The formulation of English Criminal justice system

Sample Essay The formulation of the English common law begun with the introduction of the Mens Rea principle after the fourth Lateran conference in 1215, in the time of reforms dubbed Gregorian (Barry et al. 2008, P. 21). This phrase was used to mean “having a guilty mind” or having an intention to commit crime. Between the year 1220 and 1240, Brackton a man who was serving as a clerk for a renowned judge called Releigh prescribed a criminal law that has influenced the European criminal justice system for over 550 years (24). The Roman theory of Culpa which implied “a fault” and the then constant emphasis by the Catholic Church on moral guilt really influenced this decision. These proposals were not new to the people then but were facilitated by the reforms that were being executed by the Catholic Church all over the region in terms of theological structures. (more…)

Essay: Ex-Offenders in the UK

Sample Essay Ronald (2006, p. 18) discloses that more than 75 percent of ex-offenders in the UK go ahead to commit a crime within their firs year after release. The study goes ahead to show that the highest percentage are male at 68 percent implying that male offenders are more likely to commit another crime after imprisonment compared to females. Another study in 2004 showed that 68 percent and 38 percent of male and female offenders respectively were re-arrested in 2003 (22). This rate of re-incarceration is expected to rise with special focus on male offenders. The report goes further to say that 7 out of 10 male offenders do find themselves back in prison in less than one year after release. (more…)

Essay: The effect of privately funded prisons

Sample Essay The prisons in America are referred to as correctional facilities where people are expected to come out of prison as very changed people. Since criminals are meant to be rehabilitated, the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) makes sure that once criminals are in jail; they are protected and taken care of. This makes the criminals feel like they were in their homes free and thus feels encouraged to change. There are rehabilitation programs offered in the correctional systems including programs in peer mentoring, education, life skills, substance abuse-recovery, and religion. CCA public-private approach enables the government to save its costs through consistent oversight and strict guidelines that lead to innovations. (more…)

Increasing School Violence in America

Over the last few decades school violence has increased at a rapid pace in America. There have been brutal incidents containing violence in American schools. Children as old as only 13 to 15 years have been responsible for mass murders of none other than their own class and schoolmates. The perplexing question remains that why such young children engage in such brutal crimes? What motivates them to resort to such brutality? Is there something wrong with the way they are brought up? (more…)

Essay: Engaging in Violence

Sample Essay Criminologists have attempted to explain why individuals using the notion of social influence vs. removing restraint. However, this paper argues that social influence can not induce participation into crime without causing agents who facilitate continued participation in collective violence. (more…)

Essay: Rules where the science of fingerprints is based on

Sample Essay 1) They are "permanent" in that they are formed in the fetal stage, prior to birth, and remain the same throughout lifetime, barring disfiguration by scarring, until sometime after death when decomposition sets in. That means that the prints do not change during a life time. That's not all true because fingerprints do change, but the changes can be explained. If not, they can't be identified. The changes can be made by: flexibility from the skin, growing, a dirty finger, scarring, a wound, or a disease of the skin. (more…)

Transnational Crimes-Conclusion of the Paper

Sample Essay The paper has explored the Transnational crimes. It defines Transnational crime as offences whose inception, prevention and direct or indirect effects involves more than one country. In this regard Transnational crimes which are organised internationally, requires international response. Therefore to combat the Transnational crimes and their challenges there has been increasing need to reform the policing. This reforms are increased trainings, multinational collaboration and intelligence information sharing in Transnational crimes matters. (more…)

Essay: Traditional victimology

Sample Essay Marylyn D. McShane and Frank P. Williams III (April 1992) suggestions state that traditional victimology has not tapped radical victimology to assist in explaining social reaction to crime and crime victims, it is an outcome of unequal social factors like unemployment, poverty, patriarch and racism causing crimes. The need for great resources to be devoted to law enforcer’s agencies and prisons are agents of social control. (more…)

Essay: Transnational Crimes

Sample Essay In today’s fast moving and globalising world, the countries and nations are moving towards attaining success in various developmental areas like economical, political and social. Therefore it has become increasingly important that, creation of common and new opportunities be availed. However as these new markets and products are created the dark side of it is also created too. (more…)

Essay: Theoretical Explanation of Rape Crime

Sample Essay Theoretical explanation of rape crime is as a result of ongoing influence of the morality and punishment paradigm. Most theories that explain rape crime in a social context are based on question of punishment and morality (Ellis1, 989, p. 162). Evidently, it is a common knowledge that morality and punishment are fundamental principles of society. Siegel, (2006) offers an inclusive theoretical explanation of rape crime in a unified Trait Theory in criminology arena. (more…)