Essay: The impact of Muslim resurgence

Sample Essay Muslim resurgence refers to the revival of Islam as a religion in the whole of the Muslim world (Cook, 2000, p. 34). It is indicated by the habits of reflecting back and adapting past cultures that existed in the Muslim world such as dressing, terminologies, and the way people are perceived by their sexes. One of the most recent revivalists is Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab who lived up to 1979. The fact that Muslims as a culture have not been penetrated so much by other religions the reason being that Muslims are uniquely close to their religion. Re-Islamisation has led to the emergence of violent groups that want to implement this vision by violence. This has led to the branding of Islam as a religion that seeks to conquer the world by violence. The recent emergence of groups such as al Qaeda in Afghanistan and al-Shaabab in Somalia has added more question marks to this phenomenon generally dubbed as re-Islamisation (Janke & Richard, 1993). These groups have resolved to violence and attack those they believe are not on their course.
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