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Essay: Management of Hotels in Nigeria and England

Sample Essay Ownership of any kind of business is a complex issue which needs to be fully understood and addressed in time before the initiation of the major business activities. Business ownership has a number of complexities. Hotel management needs very special attention which needs to be dedicated to the facilities and the business employees in order to ensure that extremely high standards of managing the hotel operations are maintained. (more…)

Essay: Major Principles of Morality

Sample Essay Without the fear of contradiction where law is found there you will find right, duty, morality, justice, freedom, equity just to mention a number of them. These translate to the major principles of morality where all laws for example; scriptural laws from the Old Testament and New Testament, human/positive laws, rights of nations and civil laws culminate. Natural law, on the other hand provides insights into understanding the essence of political authority. (more…)

Essay: Laws governing workers’ conditions

Sample Essay Although, later years saw the creation of laws to govern the workers conditions, it had not always been the case. Factory workers were not protected by any laws and this left great room for their exploitation by factory owners. 1834 and 1836 were the years when women strikes were seen from the Lowell Mill factory workers where they protested the harsh working conditions.3The most labor difficulties involved the low wages they received and the threats for having the same reduced was taken as unfair and oppressive. (more…)

Essay: Labor laws and cost of running a business enterprise

Sample Essay The cost of labor plays a very crucial role in the determination of the overall cost of running a business enterprise. Various labor laws ensure that certain crucial laws that govern the hiring, recruitment and remuneration efforts of the employees. In most developing countries, affairs of the employees have not been addressed in detail. It is evident that the welfare of the employees is very crucial for the excellence and superb performance of a business enterprise. Labor laws always have the major intention of ensuring that the welfare of the employees is protected and that their performance levels are fully enhanced so that the overall goals of the business organization improve. (more…)

Essay: Legislative Process in making Amendments

Sample Essay Today, it is impressive to witness the vast legislative processes in making amendments to laws that are not proper and practical. This is the rationale for democracy and deliberations in the legislative order. Again, was it not for democracy there would be no electro processes and change of governments. This is because people would be subjected to one-rule which they must adhere to in seucula saeculorum. In deed, social contract could imply dictatorship. This is well illustrated in the doctrine of Leviathan as stated by Thomas Hobbes. (more…)

Essay: Mob psychology

Sample Essay This traditional connotation of mob psychology needs some improvement in that crowds can be turned into opportunities of peace and security. Therefore, policing can turn crowds into more responsible crowds and with fewer inclinations to criminal activities. In other words, the policing administered to them can be rephrased such that it becomes a society characterized by self-policed crowds. (more…)

Essay: Multiplicity of taxes in Nigeria

Sample Essay The challenge of multiplicity of taxes in Nigeria has also affected the overall performance of the hotel industry in Nigeria. The lack of compliance by certain investors and business people has led to poor tax collection rates. To cater for the government needs, the government of Nigeria has continued to increase the tax rates for the entire country. (more…)

Essay: Necessity of Justice in every Political System

Sample Essay In every political system, justice is a very essential virtue that every would-be leader ought to possess. Exaltation of justice as the highest virtue is in consideration of Platonic theory where virtues of temperance, courage and wisdom culminate. Whenever a government or a human person acts within the frame of the abovementioned virtues, human flourishing suffices. Common good is not limited to materiality. This means that common good implies more than just tangible things. Giving food to a hungry person is promotion of common good. (more…)

Essay: Negative impact on tourism and hotel industries

Sample Essay The poor taxation drive by the government has therefore led to the underdevelopment of various sectors that consequently impact negatively to the tourism and hotel industries. Low taxes collected have led to the slow pace of developing the country’s infrastructure. Roads and telecommunication facilities standards have also been degraded due to the continuous repairs being made instead of total overhaul of the system. This has made it difficult for some of the hotel facilities local in parts of the Nigerian country to be accessed. The poor infrastructure and underdevelopment of roads, airstrips, airports, ports and other infrastructure related facilities can also be attributed to the poor management of taxes in the country. (more…)

Essay: Neoclassical school of economics

Sample Essay This school of Economics had several stages with quite significant characteristics; the main steady factor being that it has all through held a influential, unique and distinct position in the kingdom of economics ever since. At present, under the umbrella of Chicagoschool, several other schools of Economics have been discussed for example: the Monetarism in 1960s, New Classical in 1970s, and recently, New-Economic History, Law and Economics and New Institutionalism. (more…)