Essay: Negative impact on tourism and hotel industries

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Negative impact on tourism and hotel industries

The negative impact on tourism and hotel industries is. The poor taxation driven by the government has led to the underdevelopment that impacts the tourism and hotel industries. Low taxes collected have led to the slow pace of developing the country’s infrastructure.

Roads and telecommunication facilities standards have also been degraded due to the continuous repairs being made instead of a total overhaul of the system. 

The poor infrastructure and underdevelopment of roads, airstrips, airports, ports and other infrastructure-related facilities can also be attributed to the poor management of taxes in the country.

Taxation System in England

In Britain, the taxation system with close reference to the hotel industry is much better and favors the investor efforts in the hotel sector. Both the direct and the indirect taxes are imposed on the hotel industry based on a number of scales.

The taxation system in England targets to meet all the major purposes of tax collection in the country. England’s tax policies ensure that revenues are collected.

It also ensures there is redistribution of the country’s resources, and the equitability of resources in all sectors is enhanced. All the needs of the citizens in a given country or region are done through representation.

Because tourism is a zone of touch, nations must accommodate one another’s differences in order to deal with the growing number of tourists. When this adaptation takes place, it may have a significant negative impact on the host nation’s environment, culture, and social structure.

The growing popularity of tourism

The growing popularity of tourism undoubtedly has advantages. Such as being a significant source of foreign direct investment and creating jobs for huge numbers of people. However, some claim that it is simply a repeat of previous colonial trends.

Tourism frequently leads to the disruption of inhabitants’ daily routines, a loss of privacy, and congestion in the host nation. This has a detrimental effect on the social life of the locals, which makes the citizens of the host nation feel unfavorable about tourism.

The mass tourism business has given individuals in the Third World several work possibilities in the travel, hospitality, and service sectors. The inhabitants of tourist destinations must adjust to the quick changes in their neighborhood. Despite the fact that these professions have opened them a lot of chances.

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