Essay: Hotel Industry

Sample Essay – Hotel Industry 

In the face of the high level of turnover in the hotel industry, employees who are untrained and less capable in their social skills may serve some of the customers. However, dealing with this requires using quite organized approaches to service quality management. Huang (2001) suggested that if an organization’s primary objective is to provide a service, a holistic approach to service quality management must be developed and employed, insightful at all levels of the organization, from the chief executive to the entry-level employees.

Training and development

Garavan (1997) argues that training and development of employees relates to service quality because its activities strengthen attitudes and behaviors that lead to effective service. Several researchers have suggested that developing a service culture during training and development and knowledge building are good practices.

Employees training and development of skills help firms to enhance quality of service, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Elsewhere, Davies, Taylor and Savery (2001) investigated certain human resource management functions in improving employees’ relations in western Australian accommodation industry and found out that sustained training and development led to an important improvement in productivity, with a reduced turnover of employees. Huang (2001) argued that in Taiwan training and development was the main significant driver for economic development.

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