Essay: Archeologists System of Interpretation

Sample Essay – Archeologists System

Archeologists system of interpretation will vary due to the material of study. For example, an archeologist who seeks to provide information as far as technology is concerned will dwell much on the tools.

Whereas the one who seeks to provide information on settlement patterns will consider getting it based on type and distribution of sites, and which relates to the prehistoric land use practices. From the above example, it can be noted that the two archeologists will concentrate on different material objects and this is what will make their interpretations unique. By analogy, a person carrying out a study on the effects of smoke on children will dwell much on children psychology and every thing that pertains to the children contrary to the person who sets out to carry out a study on the effects of fire on old people. Their interpretations will vary greatly due to their object of study. However, archeologists share common objectives despite the differences in their interpretations. They help in shaping history from a causal viewpoint and hence harmonize our understanding of the cultural sequences from a local point of view and a regional point of view and in fact, from a global point of view. They add the value of universality to the held cultural sequence. History is playing a great role in the world today in the highly held quest for formation of United Nations bodies as this cannot be meaningful if culture is not well constructed.

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