Essay: Stakeholders in the Mortgage Industry

18 Oct

Essay: Stakeholders in the Mortgage Industry

Sample Essay

Market transformation requires inputs from all the stakeholders in order for the result of the efforts and resources invested towards ensuring a better and more trustworthy industry to be realized. Stakeholders input could be of diverse categories due to the fact that the global market is very big thus the dire need for proper management and planning.

The mortgage industry in the United States of America and in other parts of the world is very complex. Different regions would most likely have relatively different stakeholders in the industry (Steven 2010). However, despite the rifts and differences in the categories and personalities making up the mortgage industry stakeholders, it is very important that proper planning is done in order to ensure that all sorts of investment made lead to faster and more efficient transformation of the market.

To begin with, various governments and government related agencies should ensure that they facilitate formulation of proper laws that would safeguard the coexistence of the mortgage industries and other industries without conflicts of interest arising. Different government should also offer funds in order for the industry to be reinvented and the existing ills fully addressed. Additionally, the government of the United States of America, in collaboration with other nations’ governments could set up task forces in order to investigate on the possible solution to the current problems facing the Mortgage Industry.

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