Essay: Laws governing workers’ conditions

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Laws governing workers’ conditions

The creation of laws to govern the workers’ conditions, had not always been the case. Factory workers were not protected by any laws and this left great room for their exploitation by factory owners.

1834 and 1836 were the years when women’s strikes were seen by the Lowell Mill factory workers who protested the harsh working conditions.

Most labor difficulties involved the low wages they received and the threats of having the same reduced were taken as unfair and oppressive.

They were already experiencing hardships as a result of wages as house rents were on the increase. The conditions in the factories did not improve and most workers found their lives in the factories to be oppressive. Dissatisfied with their circumstances, workers resulted in labor unrest.

In conclusion, American workers have developed over time and industrialization contributed greatly to this development. Industrialization introduced better ways of processing products in various industries while it also led to the decline of the American workforce.

Workers’ conditions deteriorated and as seen in Lowell Mills, women resulted in strikes in protest of the labor difficulties. This later founded labor laws that would protect factory workers and have continued to do so in recent times.

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