Essay: Legislative Process in making Amendments

10 Sep

Essay: Legislative Process in making Amendments

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Today, it is impressive to witness the vast legislative processes in making amendments to laws that are not proper and practical. This is the rationale for democracy and deliberations in the legislative order. Again, was it not for democracy there would be no electro processes and change of governments. This is because people would be subjected to one-rule which they must adhere to in seucula saeculorum. In deed, social contract could imply dictatorship. This is well illustrated in the doctrine of Leviathan as stated by Thomas Hobbes.

It is impressive to note the on-going law reforms in different states. The most impressive thing is that reforms are been institutionalized. For instance, the New South Wales Law Reform Commission is on record in proposing changes to theNew South Waleslaw. It is the first and static law reform agency ever inAustralia(Lawlink 1). These amendments confirm Socrates worst fears that in deed law can be defective and flawed. By logical implication, if the laws were not flawed then there would be no need to amend them.

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