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Essay: History Of Panties

Sample Essay Around the middle ages/Renaissance period research has shown that underwear was worn but in form of leggings. Around 1800, chemise made of a cane and steel backbone was introduced with a big-waist and tended to flatten the bust. You can all imagine the discomfort! The small pants were only worn by men as a sign of authority. (more…)

Essay: The value of art

Sample Essay The value of art cannot be underestimated as can be seen in Pericles’ oratory skills. He was an artist, eloquent speaker who attracted his listeners, appealing to their artistic needs. This important tool helped him convince Athenians to go to war with Sparta when he told them that they could and had to win, that Sparta was majorly a poor state and had the money economy where they could not allow money to circulate within its border, among other sweet words (Plutarch 84). (more…)

Essay: Visual arts lesson for disabled children

Sample Essay The final lesson of the day was a visual arts lesson that involved being out of the classroom and in open space. The content of this lesson was modified so that the student was able to be actively participating within the learning experience. The lesson was based on live art sketching where students where taken to the front of the school and asked to sketch a natural environment. Student A becomes very enthused and excited during art lessons however struggles to achieve the outcomes due to his excitement. (more…)

Essay: Bikini Panty

Sample Essay In a bikini panty notice the similarity in shape with the ‘granny’ panty (speaker should show visual.....). The difference emanates from the fact that the front part of a bikini panty is shaped just enough to fit the groin area and falls below the navel. (more…)