Essay: Visual arts lesson for disabled children

Sample Essay

The final lesson of the day was a visual arts lesson that involved being out of the classroom and in open space. The content of this lesson was modified so that the student was able to be actively participating within the learning experience. The lesson was based on live art sketching where students where taken to the front of the school and asked to sketch a natural environment. Student A becomes very enthused and excited during art lessons however struggles to achieve the outcomes due to his excitement.

In this case the teacher accommodated his inattentiveness firstly by allocating him alone in a shaded area. She then went on to discussing what a natural environment is, and from there began to model how to sketch it. This systematic method ensured that student A grasped understanding of every step in the process in order to achieve the outcomes. By placing him in a space where he was not crowded or interrupted by any other students worked both ways, as no one disengaged him, and he did not disrupt anyone around him. The lesson overall was successful and student A met the outcomes and displayed engaging participation during the lesson.

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