Essay: Learning Arts is Comprehensive

10 Oct

Essay: Learning Arts is Comprehensive

Sample Essay

Proponents that support and arts education emphasize that learning in the arts is comprehensive as its inclusion in the school curriculum affords students a complete and well rounded education (Helen and Moore, 2002). The benefits of arts learning are spread across all students, although they are thought to be greatest for those who are either educationally or economically disadvantaged. Comprehensive aspect of arts education can be seen in terms of arts’ rich learning environment that have a far-reaching effects that extend to the entire school and surrounding community.

Positive school environment

Learning arts fosters creation of learning environment which is conducive to both the teacher or instructor and student. This environment is in turn is critical to success by fostering teacher innovation, community engagement, a positive professional culture, school identity, increased student attendance, and effective instructional practice. For instance, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) cluster students seem to perform better on standardized tests than the students from schools that did not integrate academics with the arts (Arts Education Partnership, 2009).

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