Essay: Layout of classrooms for teaching disabled children

21 Oct

Essay: Layout of classrooms for teaching disabled children

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In providing an inclusive setting for students one must consider the layout of the classroom especially when teaching students with disabilities and diverse learning needs. Du Paul and Stoner, (2003) highlight the approach educators must take when catering for students needs. They note, “Educators must obtain an individualized systematic approach when designing, implementing and evaluating classroom based accommodations for students with ADHD” (140). In the second session of the day mathematics was the focus as students are in preparation for the NAPLAN national test.

The lesson was quite demanding as student A needs to concentrate on multiplying more difficult algorithms than what he is currently doing. The lesson was altered to suit student A’s concentration levels by organising a task for him that wasn’t too difficult as this can upset him and trigger his inattentiveness, disrupting the rest of the class. The accommodations and adjustments made to the lesson included altering the stage three outcome to a stage two outcome, as this is the level the student is working at. Although the task was not too difficult for student A, it still required concentration in order for student A to gain meaning and understanding of strategic methods to work out algorithms. The accommodations provided was modeling the activity in front of him in order for him to re-cap his understanding of how it is done. Student A worked better when the teacher was seated next to him as his concentration was more focused on the task.

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