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Essay: Dancing Skeletons by Katherine Dettwyler

In her book, Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa (1994), Katherine A. Dettwyler explains how she comes face to face with cases of health problems in Mali. In the book, she narrates her experiences in this country as she observes the causes of these health problems and the effect they have on the people. Most of these experiences are seen from an outside observer point of view. (more…)

Essay: A Good Writer Must be Objective

Similarly, a good writer ought to be open minded and objective in order to avoid their personal convictions; beliefs and feelings compromise their work. Take for instance, a writer commissioned to write a cover story about terrorists and the 9/ 11 attacks. Even in view of how personal the incident may have been, it is imperative that any given writer retains their objectivity. (more…)

Essay: Catholicism is About Doing the Right Thing

To her, Catholicism is about doing the right thing without leaving any room for error. Sinning means punishment, and not just any punishment, one would go to hell. This is a fact that will make one do the right thing, not because they want to do the right thing; but because the do not want such adverse punishment on them. Mrs. Ryan is spreading a gospel of fear, and it is no wonder that Jackie is afraid of going to confession. (more…)

Essay: Glimpse of Oblivion

Tristan, in somewhat of a delirium, knows that he has glimpsed oblivion (“Land of Oblivion” motif), but the longing for Isolde brought him back to consciousness, (“Longing” and “The Gaze” motifs).  When will Isolde extinguish the light so that he might find peace, (“Ardor”, “Mystery”, and “Ecstasy” motifs).  Kurwenal reveals that he has sent for Isolde. (more…)

Essay: Everybody Needs a Job

In stanza five, the speaker confirms that indeed, “everybody needs a job. It is a lesson on humility through the work of other people who may do seemingly disgusting jobs. It shows how the speaker has come to respect people of all professions and especially the janitor at the airport. (more…)