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Essay on Meta’s Competitors

Facebook, the company’s oldest social media network, has 2.9 billion active monthly users. In the same quarter, the corporation brought in $33.7 billion in sales. However, several websites are attempting to eat into Meta’s market share. Continue reading to learn more about Meta’s competitor. Almost everyone in the world has a social media account, whether Read more

Essay: About Firewall

Essay: About Firewall

From a security perspective, a very trivial element of a network is a firewall that can exist at multiple places within the network. For example, a single system operating system contains its own copy of the firewall which is a built-in feature of today’s operating systems. Moreover, advanced form of software firewall may be installed on the system. (more…)

Information Society Essay

Information Society Essay - An informational society is where the formation, distribution, consumption, combination, and manipulation of information is an important thing economically, politically and for cultural activity. This society’s backbone is digital information and communication technologies. With the help of this digital means, there is a vast explosion of information that is continuously changing the elements within the society, such as the economy, education, health, etc. (more…)

Essay: Boost in the Efficiency of Public Services

Emma Watkins, the head of public services policy at the CBI acknowledged the fact that the use of IT in the public sector would surely “…boost the efficiency of our public services, while reaping big savings for taxpayers." Some of the areas to benefit from introduction of IT include the midwives to access hospital records of their patients through mobile devices while on the move hence no time wasting. (more…)