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Essay: Major Principles of Morality

Sample Essay Without the fear of contradiction where law is found there you will find right, duty, morality, justice, freedom, equity just to mention a number of them. These translate to the major principles of morality where all laws for example; scriptural laws from the Old Testament and New Testament, human/positive laws, rights of nations and civil laws culminate. Natural law, on the other hand provides insights into understanding the essence of political authority. (more…)

Essay: The Notion of Morality

Sample Essay It is essential to understand the moral theories mentioned above and their influence on morality. This is because these moral theories become the windows through which human actions are regarded as right or wrong. Note that morality is about human acts as animals cannot be held accountable as far as morality is concerned. This means an animal, say a lion, after feeding on an entire prey without considering the rest of the lions cannot be said to act good or bad. This act, therefore, is amoral since it is neither good nor bad in moral judgments. The point here is that morality revolves only in the world of humans. Therefore, moral theories become the framework through which morality is evaluated and determined. (more…)

Essay: The link between Morality and God

Sample Essay As noted above the link between morality and God confirms the belief in most claims that there exists a necessary connection between morality and religion. It had been outlined earlier that there is such a thing as Christian morality. In this view, no God, no morality therefore, God becomes the measure of what is morally right or morally wrong. Moral teachings suffice from quoting the scripture especially the Ten Commandments and the Gospel according to Christ’s Gospel. For instance, a group of people will condemn acts of fornication or adultery as morally wrong because one of the commandments forbids adultery. In deed, it is written that you shall not commit adultery. (more…)

Essay: Why Western Civilization

Scholars advocate for the practice and justification of Western Civilization. According to Bennett, there are three major reasons why this civilization is appealing. To begin with, it belongs to the West. Being Westerners, their own initiative is their self-identity and their heritage. It defines their direction as a nation. (more…)

Essay: Educational Progressivism

Conservatism, nonetheless, does not downplay the underlying principle of educational progressivism, which is the liberalist outlook of learning. On the contrary, conservatism fundamentally questions the suitability of progressivism given its leniency policy on discipline and the vacuum created by dispensing with the role of institutions of learning – schools, colleges etc. (more…)

Essay: Philosophy of Law

Proximate Causation In the case Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., the court of appeal in New York found out that the plaintiff, Mrs. Helen Palsgraf was not liable to any payment from the defendant, Long Island Railroad Co. because of the circumstances that led to the injuries of the plaintiff. (more…)

Essay: Alexander’s Idea of Hellenization

The spreading of the Greek culture of the ancient times as well as the language to other cultures is what is referred to as Hellenization. Alexander the Great of Macedon led campaigns during the Hellenistic period that saw the spread of the culture of the Greek people. He admired the western culture a lot and he wanted it to be adopted by his country (Wilcken, 1999). (more…)

Essay: Temple of Zeus at Athens

On the other hand, Antiochus adopted the Greek culture for personal gains. He benefited a lot from the sacrifices that were offered to the Greek gods, which included in the temple of Zeus at Athens. He started to compare himself with Zeus so that he may have absolute powers. Antiochus, unlike Alexander the great did not have love for the Greek culture but he realized that he could use it to advance his political ambitions. However, during his time Jerusalem was completely Hellenized with thee help of his brother Menelaus (Cory & Holleric, 2008). (more…)

Essay: What is Libertarianism

Sample Essay Libertarianism is a concept of philosophy which states the presence individual liberty in people. It states that humans are free to chose the alternatives which best suit them. They are allowed to make choices bases on their own preferences and predetermined criteria. Libertarianism tends to promote this freedom by stating that everyone should be given the right to make their own choices. (more…)