Essay: Alexander’s Idea of Hellenization

The spreading of the Greek culture of the ancient times as well as the language to other cultures is what is referred to as Hellenization. Alexander the Great of Macedon led campaigns during the Hellenistic period that saw the spread of the culture of the Greek people. He admired the western culture a lot and he wanted it to be adopted by his country (Wilcken, 1999).

Alexander had unrivaled love for the Greek literature starting with Homer to Modern Greek writers. All his intellectual life was Greek because he did not have any friends from the Oriental peoples.  Because of the love Alexander the great possessed for the Greek literature, he never had time to learn literary works from Babylon, Egypt, India, and Persia. In addition, he offered sacrifices to the oriental gods just as the Greeks did.  To show that he was very detached from the Persian people he never studied the Persian religion books but studied those that taught oriental religion. During the construction of the temples of Ammon and Marduk, Alexander hired Greeks artists to do the work because he wanted Greek art to be incorporated in the buildings although they were built in the native style (Wilcken, 1999).

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