Essay: The Notion of Morality

Sample Essay It is essential to understand the moral theories mentioned above and their influence on morality. This is because these moral theories become the windows through which human actions are regarded as right or wrong. Note that morality is about human acts as animals cannot be held accountable as far as morality is concerned. This means an animal, say a lion, after feeding on an entire prey without considering the rest of the lions cannot be said to act good or bad. This act, therefore, is amoral since it is neither good nor bad in moral judgments. The point here is that morality revolves only around the world of humans. Therefore, moral theories become the framework through which morality is evaluated and determined. It is important to distinguish between prescriptive inclination and descriptive inclination when presenting a moral theory. Sociologists and anthropologists will concern themselves with describing how people behave and proceed in drawing moral judgments in regard to the malice or benevolence in their conduct. On the contrary, philosophers aim at establishing the proper criterion to report morality. This is because they are concerned with the ‘ought’ as far as good or bad is concerned in the human moral thinking or judgment. As noted above, there have been many different opinions. The following is a concise review.
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