Essay: The Organizational Structure

Sample Essay The Organizational Structure shall encompass an examination of the national, regional, district, and at units’ level management. An organization’s organizational structure aligns and connects its different components in order for it to function at its best. The system selected has an effect on an organization’s ability to accomplish its agenda and goals. To help in this strategic integration, HR practitioners should be familiar with the features, advantages, and limitations of different organizational systems. The mechanism by which workflows through an organization is known as organizational structure. It helps individuals to cooperate on projects within their respective roles. Organizational systems in the conventional sense are more formalized. Structures that are less conventional are loosely woven and versatile, helping them to adapt rapidly to evolving market conditions. The Organizational Structure of the National Health Organization In the UK the national level of the health care organization is based on the This is to include the Minister of State (Health), the Permanent Secretary, the Chief Medical Officer, the Chairman of the NHS Management Board, and two or three non-executive members with ‘general management skills and experience in healthcare services. This constitutes the National Health Services Management Board is chaired by a manager who in effect is the Managing Director of the National Health Services. This NHS management board has the responsibility to manage DHSS’s NHS by involving in the planning and implementation of the health policies.
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