Essay: The need for more female prisons

Sample Essay A framework that specifies how such tasks are guided in order to accomplish an organization’s objectives is known as an organizational structure. Laws, duties, and obligations are examples of these practices. The hierarchical structure also defines how knowledge flows within the business at various stages. Regarding correctional facilities, Bryant and Vorderer (2006: 37) propose that more female prisons need to be built and distributed accordingly within the UK. This is because of the fact that the rate of female offenders has increased significantly in the recent past. This would be instrumental in avoiding incidences of rape and sexual abuse that are related to the mixing of female and male prisoners. Then, the prisons need to be equipped with sufficient sanitary facilities (Stanely & Wise, 1993). In addition, they should be led by female officials who understand the needs of women. Prison officers in this also need to be female to avoid incidences of sexual harassment of female prisoners. The contribution of video gaming to crime also needs to be dealt with accordingly. According to Beasles and Standley, this requires collaboration between the children, caretakers, parents, the media industry, and the criminal justice system. Particular attention needs to be given to the content of video games to ensure that it reflects the values upheld by society. In addition, parents need to assess the content and determine its suitability for children (Cassel & Jenkins, 1998: 88). Finally, Edgar (2004: 67) contends that there is a need to restrict the participation of children in video games in order to curb addiction that stems from consistent exposure.
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