Essay: Privatization of prisons

18 Oct

Essay: Privatization of prisons

Sample Essay

In the past few years, privatization of prisons is being debated upon. Not all of the people involved in this issues support it wholly since some see it to negatively affect the criminal justice of the state while others see it as having positive effects. With growth in privatization of correctional systems of the U.S, it is argued that the criminal justice system will be made difficult.

The opponents of this issue argue that it should be expected that the care standards given to the prisoners would have to deteriorate. It should be noted that entrepreneurs who are business oriented are always aimed at making profits. This means that with expansion of this sector of the economy will call for market demand further encouraging crime. There is no way private individuals will have to start their prisons without advertising them to get clients. This will mean that more people will have to commit crimes so that they can occupy all the prisons in the country. It should also be expected that there would be tough sentencing to ensure cheap labor.

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