Essay: Cost Reduction through Privatization

17 Oct

Essay: Cost Reduction through Privatization

Sample Essay

The proponents of privatization issue argue that with privatization, there will be cost reduction on the side of the state. Since the state has to struggle and spend a lot of money on its imamates to ensure that by the time they come out of prison they will be changed, the cost will now be divided among the state and the federal government.

This will mean that the burden on the taxpayer will be lessened proportionately as the costs decrease. They also argue that the history there is about inmates working actively in the prisons but receiving low pay will be scrubbed off. The private correctional systems will be working hard to maximize profits and this will mean that costs should be maintained very low. This will further lead to provision of poor services to reduce costs (Taylor & Cooper, 2008). It may also call for keeping of more inmates than a cell can hold. In order to prevent this, it will be very expensive for the state to control.

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