Essay Structure

Students come along writing different kind of essays; admission essays, analytical essays, argumentative essays, reflective essays, persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays, causes and effects essays, expository essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, critical analysis essays and many others. The method of doing the essay writing may differ in case of each kind of essay; however, all the essays follow a same kind of structure. Knowing the essay structure is very important before writing the essay.

Essay structure is comprised of three main components:

i.            Introduction

ii.            Main body paragraphs

iii.            Conclusion

No matter what kind of essay you are writing, or what length is required, the entire essay is divided under these three main heading. Let us now check each of them in detail.


Introduction is the beginning of your essays, which is why it should be written very carefully. If your introduction is not appealing, the reader would not continue with reading the essay further. Introduce your topic to the reader and tell background of it in a few lines. Write a thesis statement which tells the central idea of your essay, so that the reader gets an idea of what you are going to tell further in your essay.

Main body paragraphs:

The main body paragraphs vary in number. In the essay structure, there is no limitation to the number of paragraphs. The more detail you have about your essay, the more would be the number of paragraphs. Make sure you do not lose the focus point. Maintain coherence among the paragraphs so that the reader is not diverted from the main topic.


The conclusion is a brief summary of the whole essay. Revise the thesis statement in the conclusion but in different words. This will leave a lasting impact on the reader about what you have conveyed in the essay. Give opinion or recommendation in the conclusion if you think fit.

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