Essay: Temple of Zeus at Athens

On the other hand, Antiochus adopted the Greek culture for personal gains. He benefited a lot from the sacrifices that were offered to the Greek gods, which included in the temple of Zeus at Athens. He started to compare himself with Zeus so that he may have absolute powers. Antiochus, unlike Alexander the great did not have love for the Greek culture but he realized that he could use it to advance his political ambitions. However, during his time Jerusalem was completely Hellenized with thee help of his brother Menelaus (Cory & Holleric, 2008).

Many Jews were not happy with Hellenization because Hellenized Jews were taking their temples away. The fundamentalists retreated because they did not have the power to fight the Greeks. However, these fundamentalists are the people who helped in retaining the identity of the Jews. Greek occupation is different from Hellenization in the sense that Hellenized Jews were the ones who were taking away what belonged to the Jews (Cory & Holleric, 2008). Hellenization came before occupation since Hellenized Jews were the first to return from the west. In addition, the Greeks built stadia and theatres that portrayed their culture in order to promote their culture whenever they settled in order to Hellenize the masses.

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