Essay: Characters in Brave New World

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The main characters in the book, too, have their names derived from people whose works or ideas influenced some theme of the book. For example, Bernard Marx is an obvious reference to the founder of the concept of stateless, classless societies. He is portrayed as the thinker, studying how the ‘controllers’ of The World State force their ideals on people by conditioning them in their sleep. He is, however, ostracized for his lack of social skills and appearance, even though he belongs to the top caste.

Embracing his rejection, he terms it a matter of choice, that he would rather be by himself, even if it meant being sad. However, this acceptance is forced, as we discover in the brief period when Bernard finds popularity through John, and cannot get enough of the attention from the same people who avoided him before. This hypocrisy loses him the respect that his best friend Helmholtz Watson, and John held for him.

John’s character is introduced to us when Bernard takes his love Lenina to a vacation in the ‘savage area’. There they meet John who was born there of a woman that belonged to The World State but had been stranded amongst the savages for years.

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