Essay: Environmental Laws

Sample Essay

Environmental laws relates to various laws that relate to the use and conservation of the environment. The various current concerns of the world changes in the climatic conditions have continue to illicit diverse reactions to the needs and concerns of issues related to the environment.

There has also been an increased urgency of the need to take care of the environments and to ensure that various businesses and manufacturing and production industries do not engage in activities that would otherwise degrade the environment (Lavanco & Varveri 2009). Nigeria’s northern part of the country is mainly hot and the climatic conditions in that part of country do not fully favor the flourishing of the hotel industry.

In both Nigeria and the United Kingdom (England), various laws that protect the environment restrict investors from building hotel in certain areas which are reserves for forests and other water catchment areas. The laws are very specific in Britain while those in Nigeria are a bit general and do not adequately reflect the required need of the environment. To some extent, some hotels in both England and Nigeria have been built in regions which are supposed to be reserves for the water catchment areas (Levi  & Uzoigwe 2004, p.40). There is however various environment and human watchdog groups that does the duty of ensuring those hotels and other recreational facilities do not degrade the environment in which they exist in.

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