Essay: Environmental Issues

Sample Essay

In modern times, environmental issues are becoming a major concern and especially on its influence to humanity. The efforts to have a better ecological framework are all about man’s welfare. Inasmuch as much emphasis would be put on the well being of nature, it is almost an intuitive fact that everything endangering the lives of human beings is to be done away with.

Nature cannot be good if it is of no value to man. However, man cannot live comfortably if nature fails to provide him with necessary needs. It is an indisputable fact that man cannot survive without food, clothing and shelter. These needs are not within his being but they are acquired from nature. This is a great affirmation of the ecocentric viewpoint and in a special way the deep ecology position. Here, despite man being the most intelligent being and in control of his immediate nature it cannot be ruled out that nature lesser than him is of no consequence. As a result there is moderate ecocentric assertion that all species have intrinsic value.

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