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Essay: The Indian family structure – Early Thai society was divided into two classes namely; upper and lower strata which were hierarchically structured on social-economic factors. Men were formal heads of the household while women had the responsibility of controlling household activities to a certain level.

Women were the key roles in obtaining and regulating the household. Women dint hold significant positions and leading roles. From a conceptual perspective, women are not powerful and influential as men (Pongsapich, 1990).

In modern Thai, individuals prefer living with parents who have the most resources in an extended or shared household. The divorce rate is very low in Thai, family structure was ideal for the upbringing of children since both parents were present.

From time immemorial Indian family structure was characterized by a joint family but the family system is changed since the size of the joint family has been reduced. The adult population migrates to cities in search of higher education and jobs to escape from harsh traditional values and norms.

Available opportunities outside the family joints and arising pressure from the population on the limited resources forced most people to move out in search of better ways to improve living standards.

In patriarch society wives had paramount authority; their position depended on the position of their husbands in the household. The wife of the household head or mother-in-law was in charge of the household since what they said was law. The decisions made by them were in favor of the entire family and not for individual interests.

Young women in the family were expected submissive, obedient, and bear children. Widows were provided a roof over their heads by their family members though they were voiceless in decision-making. Parents have taken the responsibility for encouraging their educated sons and daughters-in-law to make independent decisions on joint family and extended family situations.

Change in the structure of authority structure is that women have been allowed to be head of the household, they are now independent and gainfully employed. The dissolution of marriage is very rare in India. Indians have respect for the institution of marriage and the fear of erosion of social values (Singh).

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