Essay: Brief Family Therapy Center

31 Mar

Essay: Brief Family Therapy Center

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Through impressive work of Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and their close associates in studying human behaviors, it resulted to develop practice of solving problems and finding solutions at Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee(Lee, 2007, pp. 113); there it developed Solution Focused Therapy.

Today, feminist therapists widely accept the application of solution focused therapy in the treatment of female victims.

Solution focused therapy do not build its treatment strategy on understanding problem of the violence as many treatment strategies. But instead it suggests alternative view of change; in that positive change in patients can occur by focusing on solutions, competencies and strengths instead of focusing on pathology, deficits and problems (Dolan , 2004, pp. 275). The focus and objective of the focused solution therapy for treating female survivors is to stop violence, establish safety, empower and heal. Thus, in order to stop violence, establish, empower and heal it uses various tools of design, theories, interventions, assumptions and methods to meet treatment of female survivors. Thus the following up section shall establish these tools of design.


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