Essay: Wellness center

Sample Essay – Wellness center 

Having mainstreamed the necessary institutional framework in the project, the next step would be to set up a wellness center. As indicated earlier, this would be charged with providing health services that include primary health care and counseling to the students, school staff members, administrators and the entire community. The first thing would be to locate a suitable site for the physical structure.

This would be located away from the classrooms to avoid unnecessary interruptions. It would then be provided with vital equipment and relevant infrastructure that includes sufficient offices for consultation, relevant and sufficient medical equipment, resource centers and facilities for physical activities.

The facility’s interior would be finished with inviting colors. In this regard, Perry (1998) argues that students tend to have a certain attitude towards the school environment that, if provided at the center, would undermine its effectiveness. Generally, Wardle and Boniface (2007) generally indicate that the facility’s atmosphere should be comforting and inviting.

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