Essay: Education in South Africa

Sample Essay – Education in South Africa

From the start of the apartheid movement, the intent of the white minority was to rule over the colored people. Some of the earliest things that were done to ensure white supremacy was that the schools of the whites were separated. The curriculum of the white schools was a superior one which gave the whites more opportunities for their future.

As for the colored people, the curriculum was specially designed in such a way that it ensured that the blacks did not get the required education that would enable them better jobs for the future. The colored school children of South Africa took to the streets from 1976 onwards to protest this disparity

. It is only then that it came to light that school textbooks referred to white men as “Boss” and black females as “maids”. This was one example amongst many other ways which were used to ensure that the supremacy of the white race was embedded in the minds of young children. (Powers, J., 2005).

Recent studies have shown that even more than a decade later, the black Africans have the lowest education rate, and the lowest graduation percentage amongst all the communities which reside in South Africa.

Given the lack of progress on the education front, it has been seen that the colored community had made a lot of head and progress since 1994 on the socioeconomic front. (SA united, despite divisions: report 2006)

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