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The post-World War I economic slump resulted in increased urbanization and migration. In pursuit of work, several people relocated to port cities. They suffered from a lack of social care after they left their home areas. They had to deal with unemployment and sickness. Egypt is undoubtedly the most important country in the Arab world and is equally reputed by other African countries. It has a rich historical background and a source of most civilization as suggested by its nickname “Umm Al-Dunya”, meaning “Mother of the World”. It is centrally placed geographically among other Arab countries that extends into most parts of northern Africa. Many people still don’t believe that Egypt is in Africa and at the same time, some argue that I am in the middle east. The two statements are debatable but the truth remains that Egypt regardless of its opposition, can be said to be the transition zone between Africa and the Middle East. Over two million Africans made immense sacrifices in favor of the European Allies. As a result of war, loss of buildings, devastation, and illnesses, 100,000 men died in East Africa and 65,000 men died in French North Africa and French West Africa.
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