Essay: Neoconservatism and Foreign Policy Success in the US

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Neoconservatism and Foreign Policy Success in the US

Neoconservatism and Foreign Policy Success in the US success has a foundation in the wealthy Jews who funded the war and pushed for advocating for their interests.

The move always never really aimed at war on terror, but disorganizing the syndicate of Arabs or Muslims building up militia groups that threaten to take over due to their unity. Therefore, the left group saw it necessary to employ an offensive strategy and not what the public mistakenly perceived as an oil issue.

Foucault, (1980) argues that if it was a question of oil alone, the US is capable of employing other business strategic means and veto power to gain access to oil rather than employ an expensive means for militarism.

To echo this sentiment, when Bush’s administration launched the war in Afghanistan and it started in his speech immediately after the September 11th attack when he said ‘we will make no distinction between the terrorist who committed these acts and those who harbor them.’

The attack on Afghanistan was on the grounds that the Taliban was harboring Osama bin laden (Robert, 2001).

An intriguing case study of how an ideology may go from a powerful but small number of individuals through the government and media to affect the minds of the general public is the age of the war on terror.

Neoconservatism has contributed to and continues to contribute to greater intolerance towards Islamic and Eastern cultures among Americans in the context of the war on terror.

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