Essay: Issues of Copyright Infringement

Sample Essay – Copyright Infringement

Technology will keep advancing each day. Therefore, it is up to the people responsible for making legislations to come up with relevant and up to date laws to tackle the issues of copyright infringement as they arise (Rosen 8). Unfortunately, some third world countries are unable to come up with laws, which are capable of handling cases of infringement on copyrights (Shipley 45). However, they are able to benefit from international copyrights laws to which they are signatories for example the Berne convention.

However, like the case with the C-32 bill, sometimes it takes a lot of political wheel dealing and lobbying to have these legislations passed in various legislatures (Steinberg 92).The main hindrance in the fight against copyright fraud is that each day technology is advancing and hence the people who are intent on illegally infringing on copyrighted material (Peter 77). Therefore, as the technology advances, those implementing and creating the laws should do their best to make new laws as quickly as the technology continues to render the formerly brand new laws obsolete (Deere 29).

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