Essay: Copyright Law and Technology

Sample Essay – Copyright Law

It is now clear that copyright law and technology does influence each other in a dialectic relationship. Furthermore, It is almost unanimously acknowledged that technology challenges copyright law, and copyright law also tends to counter initially by fighting and afterward by encompassing the innovative ways of exploiting copyrighted works developed by the new technologies, when necessary by means of reform of the law (Silverthorne 36).

 Law, in turn, shapes technology by influencing the coming out of certain new technologies additionally to their design and architecture
This dialectic relationship has been structured by two very pertinent phase. The first phase dates back to when digital technology come across the Internet. The second phase is more recent and happened when the Internet morphed into the World Wide Web 2.0, establishing the availability of broadband connections (mostly wireless) and software programs that facilitate the creation of and editing of digital content. For now, the proliferation of devices such as hard drives and memory capacities increased as the cost of these electronic components needed to create digital content decreased (Silverthorne 21).

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