Essay: Learning objectives

Sample Essay – Learning objectives

Learning objectives are important in such a way that they guide the instructor or trainer on the training intervention, especially in planning and developing learning activities, time table scheduling, learning aids selection and formulation of the learning evaluation. In most of our organizations today learning design has two sets of objectives. The general objective depicts changes or competencies expected after training, while the specific objective describes what the trainees should be able to do after undergoing the training. These two categories of learning objectives are important in the sense that they can be used as learning indicators.

However, it is a point of worth to mention that good learning objectives should be derived from need assessment conducted. Importantly, learning objectives should be; realistic, measurable, time conscious, and take into account the needs of the learner and specific. Taylor (2003); suggests that in order for learning objectives to be effective and relevant to instructional approach for the trainees, they should be written in terms of the trainees; identify desired specific behaviour to be observed and state the condition under which the behaviour will occur; and include criteria standard to be achieved by learners that is acceptable.

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