Essay: Buddhist Temples

Sample Essay – Buddhist Temples

The Buddhism temples usually follow the same geomantic structure. This is because Buddhist temples are like any other religious structures in 6he world like churches, synagogues and mosques; therefore need to the organized to suit this varied religious needs.  The first and foremost special creation is primarily for the purpose of giving the Buddhist temple dimension of sacred space. In this space there is bodhisattvas are kept and images of Buddha’s. Secondly give space for performance of important rituals. Additionally, there is always separation of the sacred space off from the areas accessible to the lay worshippers. Through the use of the wooden railing that divides the sacred space with that of the laypeople.

Another space within the temple is space necessary to accommodate the physical day-to-day needs of the clergy. Such spaces for eating, sleeping and studying are essential, particularly in those temples that serve as monastery.

On reaching the entrance it was the appropriate practice for people to remove their shoes, so I also did the same. This was preliminary practices as I was informed by the one of the monk. Therefore, before entering the prayer hall, mediation area or the main temple. In the church there were Monk, Lama and Priest who are the religious leaders. It is quite appropriate to make a small donation to the temple. This donation is donation is dropped in small boxes which are marked on the wall sides of the temple which should range from $1 to $5. While inside the temple worship participation is optional. But there is allowance to leave or enter the temple during meditation.

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