Essay: Unjust Legal System

Sample Essay

Consider the legal system; citizens undergo a lot of legal injustices especially because laws in the penal code do not take into account the common good.

Phrases like ‘I got jailed because the ruling of the magistrate was bias’ indicates a legal injustice especially if the magistrate based his/her rulings on the laws as spelled out in the penal code[1]. Constitutional rights cut across many countries and a majority of governments today are struggling to deliver a friendlier constitution to the citizens. A constitution is a compendium where most laws derive and it serves as the supreme authority for all other civil laws. No laws can be tolerated if they are not in agreement with the constitution.

[1] Janko Zagar, “Aquinas and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church,” The Thomist 38 1974, 826-855.

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