Essay: Laws Determine Rights and Duties

Sample Essay – Laws Determine Rights and Duties

From our study, we can see that laws determine rights and duties. A claim to demand justice is viewed from many perspectives, such as natural, legal or religious perspectives. Most people do not succeed in fighting for their rights simply because they do not know the law. Citizens should take the initiative to read their laws if they are to ensure that their rights are adequately realized. Lawmakers should pay special attention to the common good while making laws.

They should know that the laws they make affect human lives very deeply. A state’s laws can determine its citizens’ destiny not only economically or socially but also from an eschatological viewpoint. We have seen that the state and religion, in their unique ways, have a responsibility to safeguard the common good.

The state can determine the eschatological destiny of the citizen because civil laws are moral. Therefore, civil laws that contradict church laws, like abortion, may lead to the destruction of souls. It is important for law makers to note that some citizens justify their actions by quoting the laws in place.

Comments like, ‘I have a right to say or do what I want’ can be justified by the freedom of expression clause in the constitution. So, regulations should be implemented where the common good is the principal measure. The whole issue of laws and, in particular, rights must lead man to do good, put in man an intention to do good, and punish man for failure to do good. This good is none else but the common good.

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