Essay: The criminal justice system

Sample Essay

The criminal justice system gave room for the offended to execute retaliatory attacks on their attackers (Abdal-Haqq, 2006, P. 33). This was done to ensure that victims feel that justice was delivered. Independent judges that were strictly safe guarded by the Quran teachings gave verdicts.

The system had some similarities with today’s system where court proceedings were characterized by evidence giving and listening by the people around. However, the proceedings were carried out in an open place where everybody was allowed to witness the execution of the punishments such as caning or cutting off heads of the guilty.

The Muslim criminal justice system was founded on the doctrinal teachings from their holly book the Quran (36). This implies these laws were very strict and any deliberation on them such as interpretation could only be done by the religious leaders. The laws are still more or less the same since the Quran teachings are still the same.

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