Essay: The Role of Lara Croft

Sample Essay – Lara Croft

Lara Croft is an ideal woman who is intelligent, tough and self reliant. She has an outgoing and ambitious character that places her way above the present day perception of women. In addition, she is feminine and these features keep men attracted to her.Taylor(2000: 148) indicates that she upholds a British culture and embraces modernism in pursuit of power and fame.

In his review, Mikula (2003: 91) considers her a heroine and assert that this is exemplified by her class, physical fitness, strong will, wealth, intelligence, appearance and independence. This ideal combination of desirable characteristics that Lara is presented with makes her win the hearts of both men and women. While men consider her a male fantasy, women perceive her to have an ideal character that if assumed would enable them to address their problems accordingly.

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